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On Saturday, 28 December 2019, the Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship NUSANTARA organized its 40th excursion, the last one this year. This time, we decided to visit North Serbia.

Members, friends, diplomats and officials of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia visited the Zvonko Bogdan Winery, one of the most modern and beautiful in Serbia. Led by a guide, excursionists were able to learn about the process of wine production and how to produce and store rose, white and red wines. They also visited wine tasting area and walked around halls where wine tasting and ceremonies are organized. All the while, they listened to tamburitza music and songs of Zvonko Bogdan.

In Subotica, they visited the Muhajir Mosque, where Muslims performed their midday prayer. They also visited the central town square, synagogue, and the New Year's Fair near the town hall.

At “Majkin salaš”, excursionists had traditional Vojvodina lunch while enjoying the music of a local tamburitza orchestra, playing local and world hits.

As a token of good cooperation, painter Ljiljana Nedeljković handed over her painting “Serbian-Indonesian Friendship” to Indonesian Ambassador, Mr Mochammad Chandra. In the end, everyone danced “kolo” to mark the end of another successful year.

Marko Jelić

Photos: Vladimir Ilić and Marko Jelić

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