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On the first day of December, members of the Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship and friends of the Association from the Health Care Centre “Zemun” and Academia Educativa visited four monasteries near Belgrade.

First, they visited Rakovica Monastery which, in recent years, has become a place of gathering for believers, who primarily come to visit the grave of Patriarch Pavle. Visitors toured the impeccable monastery garden and the monastery itself and attended the liturgy.

Next, they visited the Fenek Monastery in Jakovo, in the territory of the city municipality of Surčin, which belongs to the group of Fruška Gora monasteries. In recent years, this monastery has been at its peak. In addition to reconstruction, the number of monks increased and a large economy was organized - the production of organic food, grapes, wine, tea and many health-improving products such as balms, essential oils, etc.

Not far from Veliko Selo, in Slanci, travellers visited the monastery dedicated to the Holy Archdeacon Stefan, which is the endowment of Hilandar Monastery on the Holy Mountain.

A few kilometres from Pančevo, on the way to Starčevo, members visited Vojlovica Monastery, which is located in a very unusual environment of the NIS Refinery. The monastery is a kind of spiritual oasis in the industrial zone, and a place where many Refinery workers spend their breaks during the working day.

At “Dvorište” restaurant in Pančevo, travellers had traditional Banat lunch while enjoying live tamburitza music with Živa as the head of the orchestra.

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