SELIMIR MILOŠEVIĆ – Member of the Association’s Management Board

Name and Fam name: Selimir Milosevic
Place of Birth: Šabac
Date of Birth: 4 april 1940.
Profession: Graduated Football Coach
Nationality: Serbian
Civil Status: Married; one Child
Lanquaqes: English; French; Bahasa Indonesia (sedikit)

University of Belgrade: Degree in Football Coaching
USA Football Soccer Association: Coaching Sertificate

YUGOSLAVIA: Head Coach in numerous Ist and IInd division teams for 12 years.
TUNISIA: Head Coach in „Stade Tunisien“ F.C. Tunis for 2 years Ith division.
GREECE: Head Coach in „Panionios Pae“ F.C. Athens for 2 years: Ith division.
INDONESIA: Head Coach in „Pelita Jaya“F.C. Jakarta for 8 years; three times Champions; once Cup Winner; once Champion of Asean Football Clubs.

YUGOSLAVIA: „Red Star“ F.C. Belgrade for 9 years; four times Champions; three times Cup Winners;
Once UEFA Cup Winner; once European Cup Finalist.
USA: „California Clippers“ F.C. Oakland for 2 years; once Champion; once Cup Winner.
FRANCE: „Red Star“ F.C. Paris for 3 years; twice 3rd best Scorer.

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