PREDRAG VRANES – Member of the Association’s Management Board

Predrag Vraneš was born on 21st of March 1952, in Belgrade.

He graduated at the Faculty of Electrical engineering, the University of Belgrade, in December 1976, and started his professional career at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute.

He gained his Master of Science Degree in computer science in June 1983, at one of the most prestigious American Universities - UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), and became a teaching assistant there. After his post-graduate studies he worked as a research associate at the IBM Thomas J. Watson research centre in the USA, acquiring his comprehensive expertise in the computer industry.

Predrag Vraneš has been Managing Director of S&T Serbia, part of S&T AG (System Integration and Technology Distribution) company, from its start, since 1996.

Prior to this, he worked as Managing Director of the Computer Engineering Department of Mihajlo Pupin Institute for Automation and Telecommunications, where he was a project leader for many years (since 1984).

Mr. Vranes was also an active water polo player for one of the most successful European water polo clubs – Partizan, in the period between 1969 and 1980. The team won seven National and two European championships during that period.
He also played 91 times for the Yugoslav National Team in many international tournaments all over the world, and is a holder of medals from all mentioned competitions.

At the period between 1992. and 1998. he was a president of water polo club Partizan.

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