MIROSLAV STOJANOVIC – Member of the Association’s Management Board

• Born on January 30,1941, Tresnjevo, Andrijevica, Montenegro;

• Graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Department for Yugoslav and World Literature;

• 1964 – 1966: professor of literature in the Secondary School of Architecture in Belgrade;

• 1967 – still: journalist of "Politika" where he made way from contributor and editor
of the foreign policy section to deputy chief editor;

• 1985 – 1991 permanent correspondent of “Politika” in Bonn; 1992 – 1996 permanent
correspondent of “Politika” in Bonn (second term); 2003 – 2006 permanent correspondent
of “Politika” in Berlin;

• Teaching International Politics (International Relations), visiting the European University;

• Winner of the biggest journalism awards, among others, the main "Politika Awards“ and two lifetime achievement awards, one from the Association of Journalists of Serbia and the other from the Union of Journalists of Serbia and Montenegro;

• Author of the books:
- "Destruction of one world" (the fall of Berlin Wall),
- "Europe for Beginners" (EU) and
- "International relations".

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