MILOS MITCH BULAJIC – Member of the Association’s Management Board

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade (International Law and Commerce).
He also finished School for Technical Analysis and Quantitative Applications (1995-1999)
in New York, USA.

Since July 2007, he has been employed at Clarendon Group International, LTD occupying the position of Director - Head of Project Finance and Structuring in London, UK/Jersey Island;

2005-2007 – Senior Portfolio Manager and Quantitative Analyst, Halsey Advisory and Management, LLP, New York, NY, USA;

2003-2004. – Everest Capital, LLP, Quantitative Portfolio Manager / Trader, Head of Quantitative Market Neutral Portfolio, Miami FL, USA/Hamilton, Bermuda;

2001-2003 – Elliott Associates, LLP, Quantitative Portfolio Manager / Trader- Head of Statistical Arbitrage Portfolio, New York NY, USA/Hamilton, Bermuda;

1994-2001 – Jeffries/ITG, Inc., Equity Strategist / Equity Derivatives Trader, Head of Structured Trading Strategies Group, New York, USA/ Boston MA, USA;

1992-1994 – Frankwell Bullion, LTD, Foreign Exchange Trader - Proprietary Trading Desk, Hong Kong, China / San Francisco CA, USA;

1988-1992 – Perovich Investments Law Firm, Investments Analyst/Attorney - Foreign Investments, Belgrade, Serbia (FRY) /Moscow, Russia

He speaks English, some Spanish and Russian.

32 Degree Scottish Rite Masonry- Southern jurisdiction of Long Beach, CA. U.S.

Member of MTA (Market Technicians Association)

Member of the Association since 2011.

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