MILAN KORICA - Chairman of the Management Board

He was born in Mogoric;

He finished Zemun High school in Belgrade;

B.A. and M.S. degrees acquired at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade.

He holds a Quality license for design - Serbia.

He is the member of many Professional Associations: Member of the Federation of Architects and Engineers of the Republic of Serbia, the honourable member of Architects and Engineers of Russia.

In the period 1965 – 1991 he worked at "Energoprojekt" Construction Company.

In the period 1991 – 2001 he was one of the directors at the "Korny" Construction Company.

Since 2001: Director at "Korny" Designing Company.

In previous decades, he achieved remarkable results in the design, construction, quality control and management of numerous capital projects.

With the team of his experts he built many hotels, airports, subways and underground airport facilities, TV towers, sports complexes, and football stadiums.

He won numerous awards.

For significant contribution to architecture and construction, he won "Borba" award for architecture and construction in 1984, the first prize for the covers / roofs at the railway stations, the third prize at the international contest for the project of the bridge over the Danube near Beska, at the highway E-75, Novi Sad - Belgrade, as well as the first prize at the international contest for the sports complex in Baghdad, Iraq.

Member of the Association since 2011.

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