PROFESSOR LjUBODRAG DIMIC, Ph.D. – Member of the Association’s Management Board

He was born in 1956. in Zemun.

He graduated history at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

He did a master's thesis on "Agitprop phase of cultural policy in Serbia: 1945-1952".
He obtained his PhD at the same Faculty in 1993 with the dissertation "Cultural Policy in the
Kingdom of Yugoslavia: 1929-1941."

He was a teaching assistant at the Institute for the History of the labor movement in Serbia (now the Institute for Recent History of Serbia). In 2002 he became full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. In the period 2003-2005 he was the Head of the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

One of the founders of the "Centre for Contemporary History Of South-Eastern Europe" and the founder and head of the "Center for the History of Yugoslavia and the Cold War". Since 2001 he led the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation founded by the President of FR Yugoslavia.

He was engaged in the work of several history editorials such as "Yugoslav History Magazine" (deputy editor), "History of the XX century", "Yearbook of Social History," "Military History Gazette," and " The teaching of history."

He studied and did research work in London, Prague, Braunschweig, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Paris. He participated in the work of dozens of scientific conferences at home and abroad.

He is the Member of the Board for the 20th century history of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The author of several books, editor of several volumes of historical material, writer of history textbooks, he is also the author of more than 220 scientific papers.

Member of the Association since 2011.

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