Full Professor of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade

Morag Trajkovic was born in 1937, in the village of Gornji Vrtogos near Vranje. He completed primary and secondary school in Vranje and in 1959 graduated at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. During his studies, he was working as a journalist of the "Vecernje novosti" Newspaper. During the academic year 1959/60 he was granted scholarship by the Republic Council for Education for his post-graduate studies and he did honorary work lecturing practices in Roman Law.

He was elected the Assistant Lecturer at the Department for History of State and Law (Roman Law) on 1st July 1960, and he was re-elected twice to the same title – in 1963and 1966. In the period between 1962-1963 he spent two years of specialist studies at the Institut Universitaire d'etudes europeennes un Turin (Italy). He graduated in 1963 at the European Higher Education Studies, with a Master thesis :"Le rapport entre le commissionaire et le commetant". He acquired his Doctor’s degree in 1964, at the Belgrade faculty of Law, with thesis from commercial law : Legal relationship in commission purchase of goods in the local and comparative law.

He lectured at the Djuro Salaj Workers’ University and was involved in translation work. In 1966 he was elected Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Civil Law, and the following year he was voted by the students The Best Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty. He became a Docent in 1968 for the subjects of Commercial Law and Traffic Law. As the exhibitioner of the American Government (IREX), in 1969/70 spent time in USA (New York University and Berkeley University) and Canada (ICAO, Montreal),where he specialised in Air Traffic Law. He was elected Assistant Professor of Commercial and Traffic Law in 1973, and he became the full professor in June 1978, for the subjects of Commercial Law, International Law and Traffic Law.

During his academic career Professor Trajkovic lectured students’ practices in Roman Law, History of the State and Law, Law of Obligations and Commercial Law . He lectured in Commercial Law (Trade Law) and Traffic Law. During the academic year 1961/62 he lectured at the Faculty of Law and Economy in Nis, and from time to time at the Faculty of Law in Pristina.

Professor Trajkovic was the first to establish the subject of Air Traffic Law in the former Yugoslavia and he was the first in Serbia who wrote the manual of Maritime Law, which was the compulsory literature for the studies, not only at Law Faculties in Serbia, but also in Kotor, Zagreb , Rijeka and Split. Along with many scientific and professional works he wrote four text-books for students and post-graduates of the faculty of Law: Traffic Law (four editions), Maritime Law (seven editions), International Air Law (two editions), and International Arbitrage Law.

Since 2000 and after he retired, he still continued to lecture the postgraduates at the Faculty in International Arbitrage Law.

Trajkovic took part in many international legal conventions (ILA, Peace through Law, Congress on Comparative Law etc) and lectured in Toronto, Ottawa, New Delhi, Dakar, Jakarta, Tokyo, Tehran, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Nicosia.

Outside of his work at the Faculty Professor Trajkovic was involved in other professional work especially domestic and international arbitrage. For 20 years he was an Arbiter on the list of the Foreign Trade Arbitrage with the Yugoslav (later Serbian) Chamber of Commerce, and he was a member of the Working Group for drafting the new local Law on Arbitrage. Between1988- 1990 he was a Member of the International Arbitrage Court ICC in Paris.

Another professional activity of Professor Trajkovic after 1994 and his retirement, was the consulting activity. During 1970’s and 80’s he was the expert associate of Yugoslav Airlines and the Federal Administration of Civil Aviation. Between 1994 –2000 he was the legal consultant of the foreign trade company East Point in London and Nicosia. Between 2001-2003 he worked as High Legal Advisor of EU in the Centre for Legal and Economic Issues in Belgrade (SCEPP, PLAC), founded as based on the agreement between our Government and European Commission, with the idea to support the negotiations with the Union regarding harmonisation of our regulations with the European legislation. Together with a group of lawyers from Belgrade and the London Law Office Clyde&Co established, in 2003, a joint company for legal consultation Clyde d.o.o. (later ILS d.o.o.), which rendered legal advice, especially to foreigners, in the area of international trade relations.

Professor Trajkovic was actively involved in public life and diplomacy. Between 1969- 1974 he was the Member of Federal Assembly and the member of Serbian delegation within the People’s Council. During his mandate he was active in Legislative Committee and the Group for Interparliamentary collaboration. Working within this group he participated in many international conventions of the Union (Geneva, New Delhi, Tehran, Ivory Coast etc.), and in 1972 The Assembly of Interparlamentary Union appointed him to be the general Rapporteur, and in Geneva he submitted a report on economic relations between developed and developing countries. During the period between 1975 – 1979 he was the President of the Commercial Chamber in 1980, president of the Belgrade Socialist Union’s City Conference.

Between 1981- 1985, Professor Trajkovic was Yugoslav ambassador in Indonesia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. After his return from Indonesia in 1985 he was the deputy of Federal Foreign Minister in charge of economic multilateral relations. During this period, as the Chief or member of Yugoslav delegation he participated in the work of the General Assembly of OUN, International Labour Organisation – ILO, UNCTAD, OECD, UNESCO, European Community, International Monetary Fund, Summit and Committee of Non-Aligned Movement, conferences of developing countries and other international organisations and conferences. Between 1989 – 1994 he was the ambassador of Yugoslavia in Brazil, and after his return he went back to the Faculty. In August 2003 he was one of the founders and first Chairman of the Serbian-Montenegrin-Indonesian Friendship Association Nusantara. He retired on 1st October 2003. He fluently spoke and wrote in English, French, Portuguese and Italian and could communicate also in Spanish and Russian languages. He died in 2006, and was buried in Belgrade.

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