Colours of Indonesia

The Days of Indonesia in Belgrade started last evening at the gallery of the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation and the best way to get acquainted for the first time with such a faraway country, not much known by most of the Serbs is –through a art paintings exhibition. Exotic motifs showed to the numerous visitors the exquisite colour range of Indonesian nature and culture. As opposed to Christianity, where religious paintings always show restraint in characters and colours, in Indonesia it is only natural to represent heroes and gods in bright colours and caught in imaginative, even impossible positions, the sublime spirit and symbolics of which may be immediately recognized only by a person who was brought up listening to the stories about their feats. These paintings were made by the three artists - Dragana Mladenovic, Tanje Djokic and Tamara Senekar – whose inspiration came from their studies in Indonesia.


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