Indonesian Film Festival at the Museum of Yugoslav Cinema

Leading cinematography of South-East Asia

BELGRADE – The first Indonesian Film Festival will be opened tonight at the Museum of Yugoslav Cinema by showing the film „ Suchi Sang Primadona “(1977) directed by Arifin Noer, back in 1978 voted the most popular film in Indonesia, and it also won the national award for the best actress. By Saturday, 9th February, Belgrade audience will have the chance to see the total of seven movies by one of the leading cinematographies in South-East Asia the beginnings of which dates back in the 1920’s. The selection also includes the films „ Love on a piece of bread “ (1991), „ Nagabonar becomes two “ (2007), „ Anne Van Yogya “ (2006), „ The theatre by the river “ (2006),“ Mother “ (1986), and „ Barbed wire fence“ (1961).

The Indonesian cinematography started back in 1926 when, within then-Dutch colony the conditions to make a silent movie were first created. Although signed by the two Dutch authors, the film was produced by a local company and it was showing in the island cinemas. The movie’s title was „Loetoeng Kasaroeng“, and it was first shown on 31st December at the exclusive cinema venue called Bandung. The following stages in the history of Indonesian cinematography were the propaganda events during Japanese occupation and after the declaration of independence, the films were representing the large picture of the political situation in the country. Still, the film industry developed unstoppably and reached its peak during the 1980’s, when the annual volume of production exceeded one hundred movie titles. The world famous International Film Festival in Jakarta is a reputable event contributing to promotion and affirmation of cinematic art. As we heard from Kinoteka, the first Indonesian Film Festival marks the beginning of regular collaboration on presentation of this unique cinematography within our cultural environment supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Belgrade and the Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship.

Author: Sinisa Jelovac

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