After a short illness, colonel and graduate economist Bogdan Petrovic had died on 24th November 2004. Today, browsing through one of the issues of REPORT, magazine of Jugoimport - SDPR Company, we stumbled across the following text: "A frame for the golden jubilee- 50 years in Jugoimport - SDPR". As we read further: “ A Company is made of people and people make chances for memorable events that distinguish the Company and make it special. Back in 1950, on 8th April, in one of the three wooden barracks in the yard of former Military Academy, 38 Generala Zdanova Street, it was the first working day of the company for international trade, Jugoimport. Among the first “13 musketeers” led by the Director Milos Panic there was also Bogdan Petrovic, 1st Class Captain and a part-time 4th year student of the Faculty of Economy. The “Magnificent 13” with a ready Memorandum imprinted by the Jugoimport’s logo, began its pioneering operation of forming the firms that later were recognised both locally and internationally: Jugoimport, SDPR and Jugoimport-SDPR.

Since that day, until his death, indeed, throughout his life and career, Bogdan Petrovic worked with fantastic energy, great knowledge, excellent organisation and management skill, brilliant eloquence and particularly, his characteristic style, and grew into a giant of this business system as well as of our military industry, especially in respect of realization of military-economic cooperation and marketing of intended production goods.

From his long and successful career in the field of military-economic cooperation, we will mention only several tasks he performed with so much responsibility and confidence: in 1964 in India, he established the Branch Office of Jugoimport. Within five years it concluded contracts of total value over 60 million USD. Between 1969 –1978 before he became the military attaché in Jakarta, in charge of the regions of Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma, he performed important duty at the Administration for Military Industry Affairs and later in then newly-formed Federal Directorate for trade and reserves of special purpose (SDPR). In just three years, in this Department, export contracts were signed of total value exceeding 210 million USD (Asia 65, Africa 134, South America 11).

Definitely, Bogdan’s favourite country of all was Indonesia. We believe that, by his death, the fine line of long time fruitful cooperation and many friendly contacts he made with so much success and flair, communicating with many organisations and important people of this friendly country, will not be disturbed or broken. His activities were at their peak as of 1982, after he ceased his active employment until the end of his life. Bogdan Petrovic was the initiator and driving force of then formed NUSANTARA Friendship Association between the peoples of Indonesia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Everyone who knew him here, as well as his numerous friends from the wide world, especially the ones from India and his favourite Indonesia were at a loss by his departure. They will remember him, because wherever he went, he was the best, as the JNA officer, manager of the famous M Sector in Jugoimport, as a soldier and diplomat, military attaché. Bogdan was a dignified human being, great persona, a man with so much charm and tact, a bit of a bohemian personality and, above all, a great gentleman.

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